manly gift guide 2009 pt. 1

Hi. I’m Paul, and I write about men’s fashion in my spare t– Oh, you knew that? I see. Right, this is about my 300th post. This is true. A few hundred under my belt.

Holiday gift guide with no further adieu. That intro was awful and I don’t even apologize. Buy your friends and loved ones these things. They’ll probably thank you or at least take the effort to pretend they appreciate your thoughtfulness. Either way that’s pretty much a strike or a decent spare, so…  win.

Manly Soaps:

manshion approved

Tartan Scarf:

Why an $80 scarf? Because it’s a gift. A good gift idea is usually something someone would like to have but couldn’t justify buying for themselves. Well, at least I like receiving those types of gifts because I usually have all my basics covered. Of course, shop at whatever monetary level is appropriate, because the tartan scarf is a good idea at any price point. It can be formal or casual. It’s in the moment, but not trendy. Just practical goodness. Oh, and it’s winter.

Nixon Mellor Watch:

I love this watch. Buying this for myself for Christmas, definitely, along with a few cloth bands to switch things up every once in a while. The other styles are great, too. Sells for $100 if you shop around.

2 Responses to “manly gift guide 2009 pt. 1”
  1. Broski says:

    Dear Editor,

    Ive recently change my style from the express look, to a strict regiment of UFC clothing. I just wanted you to know that. I think that clothes should make you look as cool as you feel and also look tough so that when a guy sees my shirt, he knows I can kick his ass or at least submit him.


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