manly gift guide 2009 pt. 2 [tech gifts]

Here are three gadget-related gifts no guy could be too mad at receiving. Again, if the recipient feigns surprise and has the strong desire to pretend that they enjoy the gift–this SHOULD be considered a win of nearly as great a value as genuine surprise and enjoyment. It’s the thought that counts, after all, and the thought of acting thoughtful is a thought too. Various price points… you know the deal.

Laptop OS Refresh – Windows 7 or Snow Leopard

Pick your poison. Nothing better than a reason to clean the electronic slate and re-grease the gears. $30-120 depending on your situation.

Perforated iPhone Case

I keep my phone naked, unprotected out there. What can I say? I’m a maverick and my phone just wants to go rogue. Who am I to tame the beast? However, if I were to put a case on it–this one’s at the top of the list. Stylish and thin. Simple. $30.

Hard Graft Laptop Sleeve

These guys just make beautiful stuff, hands down. Peruse the catalog, it’s all very good eye candy and built to last. The day you hear the story about the guy who got his computer bag stolen, with laptop and contents left behind, the bag will have been a Hard Graft.

More gift guide updates to come.

ps. Check out Indochino’s Mad Men collection–it is great stuff and I will be ordering the light flannel, for your information.


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