manly gift guide 2009 pt. 3

Want to really impress someone this year? How about a slim-tailored suit AND shirt for about $200? There are several varieties of patterns and fabric weights to choose from  (all wool, don’t worry). You really can’t go wrong. I’ll let you know how mine turns out after Christmas.

Lands End Tailored Collection



$20 slim fit oxford

Kickass Boots

If you don’t have some boots for skull-crushing action yet, you are going to get left behind (with the crushed skulls) in 2010. See inspiration here.

$210 at Urban

Holiday Sweater

No, this won’t win you any theme party props, sorry. This is a genuinely stylish, themed sweater. Remind me I said this in 5-6 years. I will buy you a beer if this thing is a joke by then. For the time being, though, get festive, boys. (I have not found my great holiday sweater yet. Improvised this green v-neck over red/blue tie get-up yesterday.)

$120 Rugby

2 Responses to “manly gift guide 2009 pt. 3”
  1. Rufino says:


    Can’t wait to see your review on the Land’s End tailored suit! Looks and sounds promising! If it works out, I might get my second ever suit from Land’s End. My first suit is coming from I told “Made To Measure” that I will most likely start up my own personal blog regarding fashion/shopping tips/inspiration. Also went shopping at Filene’s Basement… just gotta say that I wish I had more funds. Picked up that Perry Ellis Portfolio white shirt , DKNY slim navy tie, and a Kenneth Cole tie clip all for under $55. Another good spot to add to my small, slowly growing list of places to shop in Chicago.


  2. Josh says:

    Hey, it’s after Xmas now, and I’m looking to try out the Lands End suit for myself. Was it a major disappointment, horrific disaster, or reasonably acceptable suit? Any info you have on fit etc. would also be great.

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