Lands’ End Tailored Collection Suit Review

This is the best $170 I’ve ever spent. These suits (I bought 3 in total) are just awesome. The off-the-rack fit for the average-sized guy is pretty damn good. The pictures below are all off-the-rack, no alterations. I’m six foot, maybe a quarter inch more, and 180lbs. I’m having the sleeves taken down an 1/8th-1/4th of an inch and that is all (I do have abnormally long arms). I’ll make this as brief as possible: If you’re looking for an inexpensive suit with nice detailing, a comfortable yet sleek cut, wrinkle resistant, all merino-blended wool material, that can be worn in any season, and will run you only about $200 AFTER alterations (if needed), look no further. Link: Lands’ End Tailored Collection

Also, see this Lands’ End Tailored Fit suit review at MadeToMeasure by my friend Dennis Cahlo.

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10 Responses to “Lands’ End Tailored Collection Suit Review”
  1. Dennis Cahlo says:

    Just ordered my own in Charcoal Gray pinstripe.

    I’m usually a 32 waist but I ordered a 33 just in case the pants are cut too tight.

    Hoping this works out for the best and thank you for the tip.

    Manly nod,
    Dennis Cahlo

  2. Speedmaster says:

    VERY intriguing, thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Zufall says:

    Hi. Can you please post some photos of how sleeves are attached to chest? I’m especially interested in how low the connection is – how big the upper sleeve hole is. I hate the big ones because when you move your hands up whole jacket goes along. Do you have similar problem with this suit? Thanks and sorry for using such vague terms – I don’t know the right ones.


  4. Chad Varner says:

    What size did you order?
    Jacket and pants.

    I am just about your size.
    6 feet half an inch and 175 lbs.

  5. manshion says:

    Nope, you’re gonna be perfect. I got a 33 with one suit and it fits tight. I’ll be going 34 from now on. In an American suit I’d go 33 but with H&M or Zara I always go 34. The waist sizing is similar, however, the crotch room and cut of the legs, though still slim and modern, is much more comfortable for everyday wear.

  6. Krisp says:

    I just ordered a size 39 for the jacket since the website recommended that I size up from a 38 for a tailored fit (that was also the smallest size they carried in the basic colors). I am now worried that the jacket may have to much room and not fit properly. I wear a 38 normally in American jackets.

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