self-edge entry #1

I was in NY this past weekend and during the mandatory Soho romp, I decided to find solace in none other than the most basic of chain retailers–the Gap. I’ll never bash the Gap–they account for 1/5 of my casual clothes–but the only reason I ventured in their doors on a beautiful 70 degree Saturday (in a part of town teeming with boutiques stocking exclusive-to-NY items) was to escape the sea of foot-traffic flooding Broadway. I was pleasantly surprised to find the newest shipment of their limited edition selvage denim had arrived. I wanted them the second I laid eyes on them. The only question was straight or skinny cut. I tried both and opted for the skinny. I got them on the slim side because I plan on stretching them a bit from heavy wearing. Also, I stepped up the waist size an inch (they come in even and odd sizes) because they tend to shrink even in a cold wash (which you will do sparingly). First impression? They’re rigid and, well… awesome. I am now on a mission to wear these jeans as much as possible and make them my own. These pictures are after the first 31 (consecutive) hours of wear (yes, I slept in them). I’ll be posting here and there about the break-in process as things develop.

Oh, and here’s the link for the jeans.

Some quick pics from the manshionwears stream of them paired with my new Timberland Tackheads (shit-kickers at their finest). As you can tell… I’m equally excited about the boots.

6 Responses to “self-edge entry #1”
  1. Dennis Cahlo says:


  2. Dennis Cahlo says:

    Also…I love those jeans.

  3. manshion says:

    hectic hectic weekend, man. but i will be up a lot more often with the weather pickin’ up. been off the twitter and facebook cool-aid for Lent, so i’m also a little out of touch with the world these days. next time, definitely, guy.

    you ever try the asian hotdogs at the bk flea? kimchi pulled-pork twas ‘mazeballs.

    • Dennis Cahlo says:

      WHOA…I have not had those yet. I must, must, must try them.

      Oh, guess what? The WHIPCORD suit is back at Uniqlo in gray and blue. Come back to NYC so we can man shop.

      Also, you should never give any of that stuff up for lent. My days are a lot less entertaining when you do.


  4. manshion says:

    Just had too much of the social networking mediums for a bit. I’ll be glad to jump back in the game come April 4th, though.

    Anybody else reading this, peep the Whipcord suit here:

    Apparently I wasn’t the only fool in Soho this Saturday. I don’t know how this guy came out alive in Uniqlo, though. Imagine a morning subway car filled with clothing racks.. and maintaining this level of crowdedness expanded over an eighth of a city block in size.. oh and x3 stories tall.

    Let’s work something out in April, man!

  5. Dennis Cahlo says:

    You’ll be back in April?? Awesome! Just let me know when.

    I once woke up early on a Saturday to get to Uniqlo at opening. There was a line almost down the block. The people and crowds there on weekends is exactly how you described. CLAUSTROPHOBIC.

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