It’s Friday.. rejoice.

A Case for the Shacket

The shirt jacket, or ‘shacket,’ is the go-to in-between weather piece. Here are a few good examples from Forts (Secret).

Havianas to Make Real (Summer) Shoes

Havianas currently offers only flip flops that women swear by and men of bad taste wear on a daily basis. This will all change soon as they offer (gasp) actual shoes. A nice summer alternative to similarly styled Sperry/Vans canvas kicks.

havianas makes actual sneakers

Earliest Known Led Zeppelin Recording

This is one of the few times a link I drop on manshion will have met my father’s approval prior to posting. ‘Dazed and Confused’… you’re welcome. Oh and if you don’t like Zeppelin, we can take this outside, promptly. Link from Kempt.

Universal Search now in Google Suggest for Mobile

Nerds and regular people alike can all appreciate this one. Not only will Google’s enormous internet brain finish and correct you while you type in your searches, but it will now handle common conversions, weather queries, and calculations while you type–without you ever having to complete the search. Guaranteed to save you precious milliseconds while you Google up Kim Kardashian’s height (5’2″) (she seems so much taller on TV).

Tommy Hilfiger (Tailored)

Where is all this stuff in the passable Hilfiger retail stores. This looks very promising. $575 well-cut wool suits are always a nice touch, too. Some items seem like a mash-up of pieces that are already out there (that woven graphic sweater, rings a few bells (Rugby, Polo, etc.)) but I see a distinct ‘Hilfiger look’ coming about… and for T.H. at the retail level, that’s very refreshing.

Links today courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger’s son… who is apparently an accomplished rap artist? Stop it five.


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