I Don’t Normally do this but uh….
Saw this advertised in my email this morning. Naturally, I give anything Forever21 a slant-eye. Back that up with a dubious frown, and I was all ready to disassemble their menswear offerings regardless of their dollar store pricing. However, this piece, albeit just a washed shirt with a hood tacked on, did reach out to me as a striking piece of beachwear. Some chino shorts (or your swim trunks), canvas shoes, and this on top would fare pretty well on the boardwalk. Say what you will, but for $26, I won’t be able to hear your nay-saying over the roar of frugality.

Sartorialist to get a TV Show
As if the man wasn’t living out the dreams of any photographer/style afficionado/traveler already, he’ s in talks with undisclosed networks to star in a television show. Though details are scarce at this point, his lovely lady, Garance Doré, says that the show will focus on fashion, food and music. He’s a pretty classy guy (he even curses like a gentleman!) so I don’t think we’ll be seeing any weekly vote-offs or scripted down-speak projected towards competing interns.

Protect Your Investments (Inexpensively)
Friend and fellow blogger, Dennis Cahlo, found a great deal on quality suit hangers. These beautiful babies are going 3 for $4.99 at a Targét near you.

Get Your Suedes Up!
Thanks to Put This On for (watch me here..) “putting me on” (nailed it!) to this guy. Spring time, suede shoes. Do it. Ride the lightening.

New post in the works. Should be epically above average.

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