Prince of Persia

Not a rug salesman. I feel like there should be some kind of innuendo-laden joke I can tie in with that statement… but I’ve got nothing. This is one of those guys you’d be quite surprised to find out is an asshole, should you meet him in person. The best thing about this is this mini tie bar (Thom Browne).

Making the Case for a Studio Apartment

Never thought I’d envy a studio. Of course when it’s the size of a barn, located in Soho, and furnished with those expensive lounge chairs you see in the lobby of every building built/renovated in the last 2 years, it’s pretty easy to love. Chad Muska is living the dream. Link via Complex.

Opera Mobile for iPhone (and iPad)

It’s not 100% yet, but this server-backed browser is much like a dev-build of Google Chrome–fast and unstable. That being said, it runs tabs, is fast as hell, and has a Chrome-like “speed dial” function upon start-up (you know, those incriminating helpful thumbnails of most-viewed sites). Now available for download. Oh yea, and since it’s essentially using it’s servers to send you a compressed version of what a full-fledged computer sees.. you’ve got flash support. Again, it’s buggy, but damn is this ever promising. iTunes link here.

Quote of the Day

“Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.”

-Frank Sinatra

manshion. News

New post regarding suit shapes and what they said about the wearer, still in progress. May become a multiple part Illiad of above-average proportions. Significantly above-average.

Today’s links courtesy of the 15 minute monsoon I experienced last week that left my newly polished oxfords in a state of shit unfortunate disarray. I say this to say that my 10-minute shoe shine can be reduced to 4 frantic before-work minutes as demonstrated by the editor this morning.. in a frantic, before-work scramble.

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