Oh yes, there will be links. Check out the first post in the ‘profiling’ series. (Great choice of buzzword.  I.  Know).

Beautiful Things from Reiss
These beauties from Reiss aren’t that cheap for a casual shoe… but if every full moon you paired them with a navy suit for your Sunday’s best, you’d be making the most of a good investment ($245). The messenger bag, really would do you better as a healthy-sized attache. Your choice, but I would go all hands-on with this.

Tough Crowd Magazine
Also kinda from Reiss. Well, from two of its London employees that left a retail location to start this magazine. Cool stuff. Worth an e-read.


Mark Ronson for Gucci details
This guy rocks and this stuff will rock and if you’re smart you’ll get one good piece (or two) and if you’re a toolshed you’ll buy the whole line and ruin it for us all.

Dolph Lundgren
Today’s links brought to you by Dolph Lundgren.
He’s returning to the American big screen for the first time in about 15 years with this summer’s The Expendables (a movie that really is the brainchild of me, age 9, circa 1995 when all of these stars really were relevant.. save for the Transporter.. which I’m pretty sure 9-year-old me also came up with, screenplay, script, direction and all).

I leave you with notable quotes from his last movie, Missionary Man (he was also the director, so you KNOW it was good). CLEARLY, Lundgren is Ryder.

THUG: “This is none of your business” RYDER: “Everything you do is my business”
(On being confronted with Ryder pointing a shotgun at his head) THUG: “Do you know how to use that?”
(giving butt stroke the thug’s mouth) RYDER: “That’s one way”
THUG: “Lemme’ go, you bastard!” RYDER: “No, I won’t” (Ryder doesn’t let him go.)

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