profiling: take 1: ‘new money’

This is part one in an as of yet undetermined number of entries profiling some of the common suit styles we see these days. I originally planned on pooling this into one large post, but that would require a lot of costume changes in one night. Also, for fear of rushing through the concept without making clear distinction between each of the styling, I figured I owe it to us all to take my time for once.

Today’s profile: the look of new money. You know this guy. He may not actually even have money, but he looks like he does and that’s (kind of) half the battle. Coiffed hair or (in later years) the power-v (also known as the receding hairline/exponential micro-management increase continuum). Hair often will attach to facially framing, razor-sharp beardage (chinstraps, angular ‘chops, and dare I say it… soul patches). Uber-polished wingtips (on those doing it right), awful and sharp-tipped Ken’ Coles on lower-totem subscribers. You know this guy. Bobby Bottleservice. Somehow works the phrase “well, my tailor says…” into dinner conversation. Yea. That guy.

the wall street look.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Made to measure suit.
  2. Cut-away collar. (white collar just to drive the point home further)
  3. Fat tie. Windsor knot.
  4. Slightly padded shoulders.
  5. Bold patterns and colors combinations.
  6. No belt. (suspenders optional…)
wall street 2

close up

Champions of this look:

  1. Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend
  2. Bankers
  3. Non-bankers that hang out with bankers
  4. “Ballers” (debatable)
  5. Better-dressing American athletes
  6. Motivational speakers
  7. Proponents of the ‘power’ tie

new money

7 Responses to “profiling: take 1: ‘new money’”
  1. Very little editorializing here.

    The Chop is going to have to give this two big thumbs down, since you won’t.

    • manshion says:

      I appreciate your honesty. Still trying to explore the idea as I go along with the following profiles. Hopefully these will get better as they unravel and I’ll be able to add some more meat to this first post as I figure out exactly what the overall goal is here.

      • Oh. I didn’t realize this was actually your own suit. The suit itself is actually pretty nice (I’d lose the creases though) It’s mainly the shirt and tie that look a little cartoonish.

    • manshion says:

      I think cartoonish is the goal with this style. A lot of “look at me” accessorizing (or lack of accessorizing with the waistline). Kinda’ over-exaggerated, yet still within the framing of a custom suit.

      ..and yes, this is my suit.

      ..and yes, I work a desk job and thus have crotch wrinkles (that I should think about ironing out for future modeling endeavors).

      ..and yes, just typing “crotch wrinkles” makes me cringe.

  2. Brad says:

    Lower your tie bar. It should be as close as possible to the V of your suit

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