Khaki Classics

I don’t know what this is but I’ve been sitting on this for a few days and it just looks cool. I’m pretty sure it tells you where to get this stuff and who makes it.. just a laundry list of great looking stuff styled by polo players (?). I couldn’t bring myself to really read the interviews or find out who these guys are. Just file this under “outfit inspiration” and have a look at the full size photos.

LINCS by David Chu

Oh, I see. So you just make beautiful stuff? Cool. Thanks David Chu. Finding this stuff is kind of an issue. I froogled it and found pieces scattered about the intrawebs, some of which at end-of-season closeout prices.

Cheap Suits at Overstock

I know my demographic and my critics. This is for the readers. Critics, please feel free to tear me a new one at or in the comments. Lots of sub-$200, modern (slim lapel, tapered jacket) suits for the taking. Sizes running out, of course. $2.95 shipping and no-hassle returns–you can’t be mad at Overstock (the messenger). You can be mad, however, at Perry Ellis for being champions of the questionable blend-fabric suit, though. Proceed with caution where poly is present.

The Cruelty of Having It All

On a daily basis friend ‘Lawyer Mike’ either expands my horizons or leads me down a path of never ending reflection wherein I question myself into a corner of self doubt (possibly depression). Today’s entry does both!

lawyer mike has many leather-bound books.


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