ad hoc suitage

Like many a Monday morning, I did not feel very much like going to work. Being a stand-up guy and hater of quitters, call-er-out-er-ers, and the like, I begrudgingly got dressed. I dressed with compromise, though. For being such a good sport, I decided I’d play it a bit lazy today. Of course, lazy on my terms is not exactly the universal definition we all picture–I still opted for a jacket and tie. The lazy look, though, is derived from the cotton on cotton, mis-matching blazer and chinos, “build-a-suit” I threw together. The ad hoc suit.  The I-wouldn’t-think-twice-to-run-t0-catch-the-bus-while-wearing-this suit… suit.

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That’s all I’ve got as far as description. I mean, what else is there to say? It would be slightly hypocritical to write out a long editorial about how lazy this outfit was.

2 Responses to “ad hoc suitage”
  1. mike says:

    This still looks 10x better than much of the dreck that the drones wear in the business / office district, although i’d have definitely changed up the belt/shoes to brown and the tie in a colour that compliments brown and navy.

  2. Ha! Love it. Seriously.

    May not pass muster at the office, but you can stretch happy hour out til 9:30 and no one will batt an eye.

    Well done for a Monday!

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