Rugby Now Offers Suits prices a little better than J. Crew, though with quality probably more along the lines of department store Polo (which isn’t something to write home about, but certainly not bad). In the past (this winter comes to mind), I’ve always felt Rugby had a good angle but is not executing it properly. “Go-to-hell” preppy is what it boils down to… but the logo-overdosage is where they often lose me. In the case of a suit, however, “over-the-top but buttoned down” is a very welcomed angle, likely to attract more than brand-loyalists (if they exist?).

Beautiful Thing #12239: House 6 by Marcio Kogan

It’s got the look of a 60’s Hollywood Hills pad, just modern. Modern take on 60’s style pretty much equates to instant success these days. I want to go to there.

Military Surplus is the new Vintage

Utilitarian, minimalist, manly, dirt cheap. What is not to love? You can even buy this stuff online now without ever having to interact with the scary, gun-polishing, PTS-harried clerks that run these types of shops. Don’t let any of these boutique shops get away with selling you military surplus items at anything above Gap prices. I have seen it myself and reported it to the proper authorities (Joe Pesci). Thanks to Valet.

One Response to “links.”
  1. Anthony says:

    I might have to go ahead and get one of those belts!

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