summer-weight wool ties

Not too long ago I put together a write-up on seasonally appropriate ties. A general rule of thumb I laid down was that wool ties are strictly for colder months. Generally, this is true and should still be considered a when-in-doubt guideline to heed. My recent purchase of these vintage Sergio Valente ties, however, has caused me to re-think my previous neckware statutes and add some caveats regarding color and knit.

sergio velente ties

eBay $12.50 for 6 (shipped).

Knit and weight:

These ties are a wool/rayon blend with a breathable knit (ie. merino v-neck) and thin weight. Couple this with the narrow blades (2.5-3″) and you’ve got yourself an all-season tie. Now, does a tie’s weight or width actually affect one’s body temperature? Likely not. The difference between a tie and no tie is measurable, yes, but I have yet to hear of a person’s temperature changing significantly due to the material/width of their necktie. Then why is a wool tie off limits in August? Well, for the same reason that no one bats an eye at a baseball cap in August as opposed to a wool beanie. Essentially, it can be chalked up to popular ideas of seasonally appropriate fabric weights. For example, one could pull off a light v-neck sweater during a summer morning or night. On the other hand, a 1lb cable-knit shawl collar sweater with neck toggles would seem a bit overkill. Lightweight, unlined wool ties have year-round staying power.

lightweight wool, a year-round winner.


Color is also part of the equation. Notice how the previously pictured tie seems lighter and more summer-adept than the burgundy one below.

red wool tie

autumn, at best.

Now again, compare this to the unwearable challenging-to-pull-off pink tie. I would venture to say this tie is only for warm and sunny days.

pink wool tie

same shirt, different day. ...tie. ...different tie.

All examples were set against the same background shirt to really drive home the point that tie color can be just as important as weight. Lastly, it’s worthy to note that with some ties, there’s just no question. Cotton, light colored plaid? Yellow accents? Yea, that’s unmistakably summer.

plaid j.crew tie

only for summer.

Happy Friday. Take care of yourselves and those you hold dear. Take care of your ties, too. Nothing worse than a wrinkly tie… except for a dirty tie… and that’s just unacceptable.

2 Responses to “summer-weight wool ties”
  1. Lorenz says:

    ah, great! that was exactly what I was looking for 🙂 my boss was sporting one of those wool ties recently and I liked the style of it.

    By accident, do you have a source for knit ties?

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