Ruling on White Shoes

Don’t wait until Memorial Day. Hell, we’ve seen 90 degrees in the northeast already. Kempt puts it best: “Any time you’re switching to summerweight suits or wearing short sleeves outside, it should be warm enough to accommodate a little white footwear.” …Just not before April.

Classic Style – do it for Mama

Mother Earth, that is. OTC lays it out well here. Pause. Buying quality, well-fitting classics is much better for the environment than buying throw-away trendy crap. We all know this, but read this anyway. Also interesting, the part about Italians ditching their ties in the summer to knock a few degrees off the air conditioners. A solid write-up indeed.

Beautiful Thing #121293, Ralph Lauren 2010 Sunglasses

This is what quality eyewear should look like and cost (under $200). On-vacation eyewear? That should cost less than $20 and be acquired via questionable means. Seems Ralph’s covering all the basics here, and also offering a funky yellow pair– very snazzy, if you were so inclined.

Aziz Anzari Hosting MTV’s Next Award Show

Funny guy, who also dresses pretty damn well for his public appearances. Yea, I thought this video was pretty funny and actually makes me want to tune in. Below is just a youtube clip announcing it. I can’t embed the Funny or Die video, so CLICK HERE FOR THE FUNNY ONE. Also funny, that the top thing that comes up searching youtube for this guy is the rollerblading clip from Human Giant. Also, a favorite.

Today’s links courtesy of Bobby Bottleservice, aka ‘The Service.’


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