awkward conversations

At a work mandated training session last week, I began chatting with a colleague of mine about watches. It was one of those forced interactions that occur when you find yourself in the same demographic bucket with a someone in a room otherwise chock full of people you want to avoid talking to. Hence, me and alpha male, ‘somewhat care about what I wear to work’ and ‘know how to approach woman in public’ man number 2 strike up a conversation on watches. It started when he said, “Hey, where’d you get that watch? I’ve been looking to do the ribbon band thing with a watch of mine.” I responded (in true manshion form) “Wellllllllll.. the watch is just some Nixon watch and I got 2 bands for $20 at J. Crew.” I wish we had just stopped there, because, honestly, if I don’t know you well I hate talking about clothes and style. I just picture the conversation from an outside perspective and think “2 men in a crowded room have nothing better to talk about than what designers they like?”

Anywho, so the conversation goes from a simple question to a conversation about what kind of watches we want to purchase in the future. We, the participants both don’t know a great deal about the subject. One feels he has something to prove and has read one too many articles making the case for thousand dollar watches. The other, me, has been there, been trumped, and just decided to keep it basic. Needless to say, there was a disconnect. My man was talking about getting some Tag with 50 complications, Swiss movement, a face as big as his wrist, white gold casing–the works. Meanwhile, I’m trying to convince him that Japanese movement is just as reliable as Swiss and if you want an heirloom piece it probably shouldn’t be oversized and trendy. Yea, we didn’t really see eye to eye on much.

Me: “Hey you watching the fight this weekend?”

Guy: “I don’t care for boxing anymore–not as good as UFC.”

Long pause.

Yea, so that ended nice and awkward. Got a new watch, though. Well, a new old watch. Japanese movement. Keeps good time. Clean, simple, lightweight, and pretty elegant.

It was cheap. But I’ve owned a Skagen before and had no complaints on the watch’s functionality and their customer service replaced the face for a very small fee when I smashed it to pieces (while nearly falling off the side of a building, but that’s another story).

2 Responses to “awkward conversations”
  1. Brad says:


    First off love the blog dude.

    I was holdin out on getting a watch until
    I could find afford an automatic. I came across
    a watch just recently which fit the bill and my budget.
    That watch is the Tissot PR50 Automatic. Sleek subdued
    styling and it was only 450! I love Nixon btw! Over the
    past few years they have branched out greatly from the
    “Rocker”. All of my friends wear various models and if I
    were to purchase a quartz watch it be a Nixon hands down.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Jon says:

    Ha! That is a funny story.

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