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I, would like to say that I, personally, don’t follow all of my own advice. I probably only follow half of the trends I report on. As you’ll notice, I tend to focus more on the business/business-casual/dressed-down/sometimes- casual-professional look. I’m not really into fashion, actually.  Perhaps, I’m really more interested in getting my wardrobe together in such a way that I never have to question wearing a single item I own.  Like most people, this is not the current case, and I strive towards that day–the day when I’ve amassed such a thoroughly flawless wardrobe of menswear that I won’t have to give much thought to getting dressed in the morning.  Well, I’ll let you know if I ever see that day, or if that’s possible (I’m betting it’s not). In the meantime, follow me on my quest. Comment and critique my suggestions. Enjoy the content and gather whatever you can from it. I make no money from my efforts here and simply employ as a hobby. To contact me directly with questions (ie. ‘What should I wear to ___ event?’), concerns (‘Why do you manipulate words and abuse capitalization and punctuation law?’), likes/dislikes (‘You’re right about ___, they really are SO last season’/’I will kick you in the shins should I ever encounter you for your downplay of the importance of ___ garments’), please direct them to

Thank you,

-Paul Beirne

14 Responses to “the editor.”
  1. eric glennie says:

    Good Day! I am a unique designer with revolutionary ideas in mens, womenswear, and accessories. Please checkout my website to view bevel bottom blue jeans, spliced neckties, cut out shirt collars, and many more ideas. Love to hear your comments. Thanks for your time, Eric Glennie. 952-913-8708

  2. JB says:

    Yo, editor-
    Big fan of your blog. It’s a shame that there aren’t more places to go on the web for men’s fashion that aren’t going to put you into thousands of dollars of debt or just plain make you look silly — or (and I hate using this as a pejorative) gay. Keep it up. and if there are other blogs that you read doing the same sort of thing as you, I’d love to hear about them.

    By the way, thanks for making me feel exceptionally self-conscious about my square-toed shoes, you jackass.


  3. sergey says:

    I love this site. Fantastic, professional advice. Do you do wardrobe makeovers?

  4. Sneaky Steve says:

    Love the blog. If you ever want some of the kicks off of the site, email me and we’ll hook you and any of your readers up with a great discount.

  5. MediaMisfit says:

    It would be awesome if there was a forum online where guys could meet a talk more about fashion. I don’t know if it is in the manshion plans for the future or not. Let me know if you need help making it happen.

  6. H.S. Sophmore says:

    hey if i could get an answer to my question itd be great

  7. D says:

    You recently posted about oversized sweaters including cardigans. I did a little fashion blogging today Check out the trainwreck in look number 3.

  8. Hi,

    I love the setup of your blog and check it daily for tips on how to dress my husband, but I’ve yet to find a blog of your caliber for women.

    Do you know of any that are as direct and fun to read as yours?

    If so, where can I find them?

    Thanks so much,


  9. Hey! Was just browing your blog, and read about your phasing out graphic t-s out of your wordrobe untill you find something that you appreciate! SO SAD! Everyone should have graphic t-s! You should check out my site, We have great mens/womans designs that have been a growing hit here in Seattle.

    Check us out, if you have any questions let me know!

    Choke Shirt Co

  10. acuteconsulting says:

    Manshion does women: Thanks for your guest blog entry!

  11. JD says:

    Paul, thanks – this site has really inspired me to step my game up with my wardrobe – and actually put some thought into developing one. I’m 31 and have added a few lbs, as is common I suppose, and my unique style (albeit probably breaking way too many fashion rules in the process) has become utterly mundane. Thanks, I’m going to work on rectifying that, and building a new wardrobe of grownup, sleek menswear. Not to be “that guy” but “cheers…”

  12. PJ says:

    Hey Editor,

    I’m from Indonesia and I’m a fan of your blog.
    I have some questions about Batik shirts.
    here in Indonesia, a lot of times we have to wear batik shirts. on Fridays, at the office most of us must wear a batik short- sleeves shirt.
    to day-weddings or other formal occasions during the day (sometimes evenings), we usually are expected to wear batik long -sleeves shirt.

    what is the best way to wear these batik shirts?? (what kind of trousers, shoes, accessories, etc.) oh, and we never wear a tie or jacket with batik shirts. or with sarong.

    and what do you think is a great design/color for batik shirts?



  13. andre12 says:

    Big fan and all but I was wondering about the new layout. What is the function of the horizontal lines and the new set of “Links” called “Blogroll”. I understand placing links to blogs you enjoy is a kind gesture but it is frustrating having navigation on either side of the web page. Some may not recognize the navigation on the right and consider it an advertisement.
    Additionally layouts contrary to the normal navigation on the internet only serves to frustrate readers.

    Keep blogging I love the commentary but try to place yourself in the position of your users.

    usability expert

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